Christmas in July

Christmas in July 3

I know one thing…  It is HOT here in the South, y’all.  Let’s cool down by setting our eyes on winter with a fun “Christmas in July” party. 

You guys, book parties are fun!  You get to gather your family + friends together for a fun girl’s night out and discover all the amazing goodness of Usborne + Kane Miller books.  Plus, you will learn practical ways to encourage a love of reading in your child and build a fabulous home library.  We can have the party at your house or mine. 

Not local to me?

Not a problem.  We can set up an online shopping link that you can share with your family + friends.  You will receive all the same benefits as a local hostess and we will have just as much fun!

And when you host a book party in July, you get to see…

New Titles 1

Ohhhhhh, I am SO excited for the new titles!!  Usborne gets around 100 new books + new catalogs twice a year – in January and July.  We also get a few mid-season releases throughout the year too; so we have NEW books about every 3 months!!  The catalog launch in July is one of the BIG ones and you do NOT want to miss it!!

This is also the perfect time to fill out your…

Wish List

Go ahead and start adding all those fun titles to your wish list and share with grandparents for the holidays. Books always make a great gift and they love giving gifts that are fun and educational. 

Ok, so you have a good time with friends + NEW titles + NEW catalogs and let’s not forget…

Free Books 1

That’s right!!  Just for hosting a show you can earn a TON of free + half price books to build your family’s library.  Here is a peek at the rewards that you will earn in July.

Host Special - July 2017 3

Want to know the BEST part about hosting a “Christmas in July” book party?

Thank You 2

After your party, your friends will thank you for introducing them to Usborne Books & More!  It’s a win – win for everyone. 

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to Schedule Your Party now?

Don’t Go Down That Summer Slide…

Whew... I do not know about you but summer is in FULL swing around here. We are spending 3+ hours at the pool each morning + working on house projects in the afternoon.

I know that summer reading might be the LAST thing on your mind. However... I encourage you to keep it towards the top. We do not want all that hard work + practice from this past school year to be a waste. Encourage your kiddos to sit down and read for 20 - 45 minutes (especially during the hot part of the day) and you will avoid the dreaded SUMMER SLIDE!!! :)

Summer Slide 1

So now that you know what it is.  Let’s chat more about how to actually avoid the dreaded "Summer Slide"...

Summer Slide 2

The key here is to simply let the children have "fun" this summer reading and to KEEP THEM READING!!
A great tip is to read books at or just below their level. This will help build your child's confidence to tackle those harder books later.  Another idea is to give your children access to all KINDS of books this summer (not just talking about your traditional picture, story, or chapter books here). 

Take a peek at below for some fun ideas to add to your family’s library…

Summer Slide 3

So are you ready for your child to stay away from that hot, burn your bottom, Summer Slide?  Smile 

I sure hope so!!  Contact me today if you need help with recommendations

Happy Summer Reading!!

Jumpstart Your June!!

2017 - June - Sign Up Special 1


Wow!! This special was just released today. You do NOT want to miss this!!


For the first time in over 2 years, Usborne Books & More is offering a special to join this fabulous company for a great price. Starting today (June 9th), through June 30th, you can join for only $50. The books + supplies are valued over $150! That is a crazy good deal!!


You guys... This is a great opportunity to sign up and start your own summer Usborne business or join simply to build up your personal library and get all your books at wholesale prices. Remember there are never any minimums or quotas with Usborne.  This business is so flexible and that is what I love about it!! 


2017 - June - Sign Up Special 3


Here is what is included...

** 8 Books (pictured in the image)
** 5 Full Size Catalogs (will be the new Fall 2017 ones)
** 20 Mini-Catalogs (will be the new Fall 2017 ones)
** 50 Customer Order Forms
** 10 Host Guides
** 6-Month E-Business Package


Ready to get started?  Click here. 


Ends June 30, 2017.